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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

1. Hey! Introduce yourself :)

Hey! I'm Emily, a 20 year old photographer from Durham. I mostly shoot on medium format film, and specialise in documentary, fashion and portraiture. 

2. How would you describe your aesthetic?

I would describe my aesthetic in a few ways. I try and aim for intimacy in my images, which is aided by the use of film I find. Dreamy maybe, as I like to aim for warmth in my colours too. Never really thought about how to describe it!

3. Do you have a favourite shoot? If so which one and why?

That's tough - it would either be my shoot of Blessed (now @vassallosisters) for Pause Her, or the cover shoot I did for the Cavetown special edition of Tmrw Magazine. Both shoots were so so fun! I think both really tested and pushed my skills, which is important as a photographer. The first shoot I mentioned was my first working in quite a large team, which obviously is a totally different dynamic to test shoots etc. I met some amazing creatives that day, and worked with people I admire, so that was definitely a highlight. The Cavetown shoot was a big milestone for me, as it was my first celebrity shoot as well as my first cover. It was just reassuring to know I'm heading in the right direction!

4. How have you found breaking into the industry so far?

It's tough, as at times I've felt too young, too insignificant, or just a bit lost. Not a lot of successful creatives want to openly talk about tips and tricks on how they got where they are, and at first I found that lack of guidance daunting. However I've learnt everything happens differently and in a different order for everyone, so I see why they don't usually! I've had some prejudice about my age, but you move on and if anything, those comments give you more drive. Getting paid is also tough, and balancing your money so you don't skint yourself is hard too - especially at uni! So far so good though - it's hard work sometimes, but worth it. 

5. If you could change one thing about the industry what would it be?

I think the issue of people trying to get free work out of you is definitely in need of change. I’m not sure whether that’s something that can be regulated, but I think agencies and companies etc need to be more transparent with photographers. I also think Photographers need to work on setting their own boundaries, or you’ll never get paid. 

6. Where do you get your inspiration from? Weirdest thing you've been inspired by?

Honestly, everywhere. Sometimes I’ll be people-watching and think “you would look cool doing XYZ in a shoot” and stuff. I think the most random thing was the other day - I was just on a daily walk and an idea totally unrelated came to me! Sometimes you just need to be in an inspiring environment, or a new one, and the ideas will come. 

7. How are you coping with the Covid-19 pandemic? Anything you're doing to keep creative? 

Honestly, it’s hard. You have good days and bad days, everyday feels quite cyclical. Staying creative is hard, but I think just trying to see potential and beauty in stuff around me keeps my creative brain going. I’m not pushing myself too hard though - I’ve been feeling worn out for a while with balancing freelancing part-time with my degree, so I’m making the most of it!!

8. Lastly, who is an undiscovered artist on CONNECT that you think we should all check out ?

I personally love Llyr Evans’ work, and Hannah Downes. So much talent! Really interesting images, super out there and original. 

Thanks for reading guys! Check out Emily Heath's work on her Instagram @emheath.photo

and her website www.emheathphoto.com


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